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The Jordan 11 Concord – Top Notch

A Brief History about the Debut of the Jordan 11 Concord:

Michael Jordan debuted the Jordan 11 Concord on May 7th, 1995 during game one of the eastern conference semi-finals against the Orlando magic. It got the ‘concord’ nickname from the concord purple accents on the shoe. They featured the number forty-five on the heel as that was Michael Jordan’s jersey number after he came back from retirement. Tinker Hatfield, the designer of this iconic pair, begged Michael Jordan to not wear them because Nike was not ready to sell them. Michael Jordan ignored his pleas and wore the pair anyway. The NBA fined Michael Jordan heavily for wearing non-conforming shoes because the shoes he was supposed to wear had to be all black shoes. So, for game three Michael Jordan had to borrow shoes from his rival Penny Hardaway. He ripped off Penny’s logos from the shoes. In-game four Michael Jordan debuted the black/blue colorway, which would later be immortalized as the space jam. During game four, Michael Jordan’s close friend and NBA on NBC sideline reporter Ahmad Rashad gave the world a close-up look at the Jordan 11 concord.

Official Release of The Jordan 11 Concord:

The Jordan 11 Concord was eventually released in November of 1995. It had 23 on the heel. They were insanely popular. The shoes were also featured in one of the most memorable Air Jordan ads ever. The concord 11 was also immensely popular among players. KG wore them in 1996, his rookie year. Kobe was also known to wear the concords during his sneaker-free agency in the season and even appeared in an ESPN commercial with the shoes. Later in 2005, the Air Jordan brand designer Tinker Hatfield was spotted wearing them in the ‘Just for Kicks’ documentary. Adding more to the frenzy, superstar R&B group boys two men wore them on the red carpet at the 1996 Grammy awards. That started the most popular trend of wearing these sneakers at classy events like weddings and high school proms. Even people still do it today. In 2000 Jordan brand first released the retro of Jordan 11 concord.

Sizing of The Jordan 11 Concord:

As for the sizing, the Jordan 11 concord is pretty easy and fits true to the size. This pair of kicks has been released in full family sizes, covering adults, grade school students, pre-school toddlers, and infants.

Design Details of the Jordan 11 Concord:

The concord 11 is one of the most iconic silhouettes in the Jordan brand’s history. In its initial release, it was known for its luxurious black patent leather, carbon fiber midsole detailing, and icy translucent outsole. The concord is no doubt a true masterpiece of sneaker design.

This pair of sneakers is called concord because of the hint of concord purple color on the sole, but off-course the shoe is really known for its black and white look. It had a tuxedo effect. The most iconic element of Jordan 11 concord is the black patent leather; this is the detail that makes this sneaker stand out among all. Also, this is the part of the shoe that allows you to wear this to prom or a basketball game, anywhere you want to go, this sneaker can go. It is all because of the super-glossy black patent leather. In this design, the Jordan brand has raised the cut of the patent leather. Also, there are peaks around the edges of the patent leather. Further continuing up the shoe, a large portion of the upper is covered in white ballistic nylon, which gives it such a classic look and feel. 

And then there are iconic air Jordan 11 straps that turn into the lace loops. The super-chunky rope laces are white in color. Continuing inside the sneaker, there is a standard Jordan 11 sock liner in black and then rounding off the inside of the sneaker there is a black insole with Nike Air printed in white on the heel. Continuing back on the sneaker towards the heel, there is a white leather panel with the Jumpman embroidered in black. Then moving around to the heel of the sneaker, there is forty-five printed in white color. Continuing downward on the sneaker there is an air Jordan eleven midsole in white color. And then moving to the bottom of the sneaker, there is an icy-blue outsole. On the medial side of the mid-foot, there is exposed carbon fiber. And then on the forefoot and the heel of the sneaker, there are concord grape-colored traction pods. The mudguard at the front of the shoes is consistent with the shoes.


This classic and legendary Jordan 11 concord series has lent Michael Jordan’s return a touch of class. Its black patent leather speaks volumes about aerodynamics while giving a subtle hint of minimalistic elegance and simplicity in its all-black and white colorway. This pair of sneakers has become an instant hit and constant favorite among basketball players the and general populace across the globe. It also made a blockbuster appearance in world-renowned ads. This is the ideal place for you to buy such a glorious pair of kicks at a very affordable price. Along with that, we offer you numerous discounted promotions to avail, so do not let go of this golden opportunity. We extend our diligent efforts to provide our customers with high-quality selling shoes. We have vowed to give our customers high quality and high-end sneakers and this elegant pair is no exception. The concord 11 is definitely one of the greatest air Jordan of all the time. It is absolutely in that top tier of best of the best Jordan, there is no debating in it.  

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