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Vintage-looking Jordan Mocha 1 by Stockx


People have been really looking forward to this colorway since the initial pictures of the shoe leaked. This specific pair of Jordan Mocha 1 stockx was officially released worldwide in almost one go.

 Jordan mocha 1 stockx

Some Bits of History of Jordan 1:

The Air Jordan 1s are plain and simply the most important model of the entire sneaker culture. In every practical sense, the kick starts to the sneaker industry began when the stars of Michael Jordan and Nike aligned in 1984, birthing the legendary shoe. From the many original releases in 1985-86 to the virtually uncountable number of retro variations and colorways years later the air Jordan one is as popular as ever.

These sneakers have impressed the fans over the years and have won the hearts of the next generation of sneaker collectors. After all, it began the air Jordan line, the most popular series of sneakers in the world and the reason many enter the sneaker collecting culture in the first place. Everything had to work out exactly the way it did for the Air Jordan one to exist. The other famous shoe brand Michael Jordan actually preferred, had to pass on signing him out of college. Converse was distracted by the already established superstars Larry bird and magic johnson. Sonny Vaccaro had to convince the upstart athletic shoe brand Nike to throw money at the fresh-out-of-college Michael Jordan. After the partnership with Michael Jordan and the Swoosh was set, it was up to Nike designer Peter Moore to create the first signature shoe for the man that became the game’s greatest player ever. The first air Jordan 1 was released in 1985 at a retail price of eighty-five dollars. Believe it or not, that was a lot of money for buying a sneaker back then, which meant that the Air Jordan line was elevated to a higher tier right from the beginning.

Comparison of Jordan 1 Mocha with Travis Scott Air Jordan One:

Jordan mocha 1 stockx is commonly compared to the Travis Scott pair of Air Jordan ones. And it also makes sense considering the color palette on both these shoes are actually very similar, with a brown sail and black makeup. However, there are a ton of differences that really make this dark mocha colorway stand out on its own.

Design Details and Specifications:

Let us dive straight into the upper of the shoe. The base layer is constructed using sail-colored leather. This sail color is very pale and very light, it almost looks like white but there is a slight tint of cream or off-white to it. surrounding the outer edge of the toe box, there is smooth black colored leather, and this leather runs up to the center of the shoe covering the eyelets as well. Beneath this the mid panels of both sides of the shoe, there is smooth sail-colored leather once again. And then overlaid on top there is a black Nike swoosh constructed out of synthetic leather. Covering the side wings of the shoe, there is brown-colored nubuck, and debossed on the lateral side only there is the Air Jordan wings logo, which is done in a glossy black finish. Unlike the Travis Scott ones, the top ankle collar area is constructed out of smooth sail-colored leather. And then the bottom heel is wrapped in brown-colored nubuck. For the laces, this pair of shoes comes with a flat black-colored lace but there is a secondary pair of sail-colored laces as well if you prefer more of a brighter look. Underneath the laces, we have the traditional nylon tongue, which is done in white. And at the very top, we have a black and white tag with Nike Air branding on it. whereas the insoles come in a traditional insole format with Nike Air stamped on the heel in white. So the upper of this shoe sits atop an off-white-colored midsole and is encapsulated within this midsole but not visible to the eye, there is Nike Air sole technology. While turning the shoe over to the bottom, here we have the classic Air Jordan one outsole. This is entirely done in black-colored rubber; there is a circular traction pattern on the forefoot and Nike branding in the center. So all of this breaks down the look, construction, design details, and specification of the Jordan Mocha 1 stockx.


These sneakers fit exactly like all other Jordan Ones, so for most people, it means sticking true to size. Whatever size you normally wear for Jordan One, stick with that same size for Mocha 1 as well. If you are someone that has wider feet then you might want to consider going up a half size. Because going up the half size would give you a little bit of extra room from a length perspective. It would also solve the issue of discomfort that some people might encounter in the area of the toe box.


The official colorway of this shoe is sail, dark mocha, and black.


From an overall quality and craftsmanship standpoint, these sneakers are of top-class quality and stylish at the same time. The leather which has been used is of premium genuine quality which adds softness to it. All in all, the overall on these shoes is quite solid. ‘stockxpro’ extends diligent efforts to provide its customer with high-quality selling shoes like Jordan mocha 1 stockx. Everyone should have these in their sneaker collection.  ‘stockxpro’ provides an innumerous variety of promotions as well on which different discounts are available. Team ‘stockxpro’ hopes that the abovementioned information is helpful for you in choosing the perfect shoes that will match your desire. Happy shopping!

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