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The Old School Revenge X Storm by Stockx

Introduction and Backdrop of the Shoe:

Revenge X Storm stockx features an exciting design by Noah Stutz, Co-Founder of these superbly designed shoes, based on Vans' popular "Old Skool" design. Revenge X Storm is a brand owned by Ian Connor and rose to eminence because of Ian Connor’s presence in the Hip-hop and fashion arena. The sneakers depict a lightning bolt symbol as a replacement for the Old Skool stripe and come in many diverse colorways.

These shoes exactly look like old schools. People also call them rip-off vans or whatever the case may be.

Design Details of the Shoe:

The box of the shoes says ‘Revenge x Storm’ on both sides. And on one of the insides of the box, it has the size and color. On the shoe, there is a straight silhouette of a vans old skool, which gives it an exactly similar look to a vans old skool with a clear lightning bolt on the shoe. On the bottom of the shoe, ‘Revenge x Storm’ is written. the toe box is all suede, the back heel portion is also all suede, and the lace covers are also all suede. And then you gave a line going across the shoe that matches the color of the specific shoe. The lightning bolt on the side is all fairly decent stitched on. The little back tab of the shoe has the rubber branding with the word ‘off the shits’ on it. The tongue of this shoe has revenge written (all embroidered) on it. and then on the inside of the shoe, the sole of the shoe has written (printed) ‘storm’ on there. The overall stitching is good.

The overall design and manufacturing of these shoes are very well managed.

Comparison of Revenge Storm with Old School Vans:

The bottom of the shoe is almost exactly the same waffle pattern as the old vans but in white color. As we have indicated priorly, the Revenge X Storm stockx was designed by Ian Connor, also known as the well-renowned King of the Youth. But it was tough for him as well to curtail the reason that these shoes were evidently moved in a major way by the classic Vans Old Skool sneakers. Connor did make some massive alterations to the Old Skool design when designing his own sneakers, though. For example, he swapped the iconic Vans wave with a large lightning bolt. He also substituted the words ‘Off the Shits’ for the words ‘Off the Wall’ that are positioned on the rubber tag situated on the back of Old Skools.

Ian Connor received some amount of censure for these copying points. But this criticism did not hinder the shoes from relishing a ton of primary accomplishments. Kylie Jenner was also speckled stepping out in a pair, and that helped the sneaker receive an enormous extent of free publicity. It also set the shoes up to sell out when they were first issued, which they did. It got these shoes to a robust jump and legitimized them within the sneaker industry to some extent.

Available Colors of Much-Hyped Sneakers:

No matter what you plan on wearing with these sneakers, you would find a matching color to match your outfit. These shoes have come out in many diverse colorways including the following:

· Forest green

· Red

· Vibrant blue

· Black OG

· White/black

· Flame

· Blue/green/yellow

· All black

· White PU

· Grey/red/black

· Grey/black/blue

· Grey/white/black

· Green/white/black

· Black/blue

· Classic red canvas x suede

· Classic yellow canvas x suede

· Classic green canvas x suede

· Classic black canvas x suede

· Classic blue canvas x suede

· Classic purple canvas x suede

· All flame

· Side flame

· Leopard black and many others.



These sneakers fit exactly like all other sneakers so for most people it means sticking true to size. Whatsoever size you usually wear, stick with that same size for these sneakers as well.

Styling of Revenge Storm:

On the feet, the revenge x storm stockx look superb, especially with all black denim, blue denim, camo pants, and any other style of the pant. These shoes go with many types of outfits. Oversized pants are in vogue these days and these classic old skool sneakers are a perfect way to complete the look in a dashing manner. These shoes can be paired with sweatpants and baggy pants. A go-too combination for wintertime errand runs. These sneakers have become a must-have that can be styled with any style of outfit. When it comes to everyday basis, these sneakers are an undisputed champion, they can take any outfit from low key to chic, that fulfill the tastes of both genders if styled in a proper way.


All these colorway series have gained a lot of attention and hype among sneaker enthusiasts from every country in the world. This range is the most decent and elegant one. So, if you are looking for high-quality revenge x storm stockx within reasonable prices, here you can find some of the top call and most coveted designs out of this series. If you are someone who considers yourself to be cool in the smallest amount, wearing these shoes on your errands might be a great look for you. Just make sure that you know the backstory behind them in case anyone asks you about it. ‘stockxpro’ is the apt place for you to get your hands on the best sneakers because buying high-quality footwear had never been easier. ‘stockxpro’ provides multitude of weekly promotions as well on which different discounts are available. We hope that the abovementioned information is helpful for you in choosing the perfect shoes that will match your desire. Happy shopping dear customers!

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