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Who is J Balvin – First Latin Collaboration with Jordan Brand:

For those who do not know who J Balvin is. He is a Colombian reggaeton superstar, also known as ‘the prince of reggaeton. He is also known for the complex set for his shared obsessions with sneakers and streetwear. Every one of you must have heard some of his music on the radio even if you did not realize you were listening to J Balvin.

One of the coolest things about this collaboration is that J Balvin is the first-ever Latin artist to actually collaborate with the Jordan brand on a sneaker. So this sneaker has literally and successfully pushed the boundaries of the collaboration.


Inspiration Behind the Shoe:

The idea behind J balvin’s inspiration and this collaboration was that he wanted to create something that emulated his personality and his explosive creativity, which led to the fashioning of J Balvin Jordan 1 Stockx. He has also stated that he wanted to be the first person that really dared to change the Air Jordan one and go all out and do something that no one has ever done before. And he definitely did it with utmost full of colors perfection, he did exactly what he set out to do. The overall sneaker itself and the collaboration actually has a lot going for it and really make it a special sneaker overall.

Breaking the status quo and all the dull and mundane designs just like the J Balvin's vibrant personality and captivating music, the sneaker is instantly unique: It comes with a tie-dye effect and interchangeable patches to match your mood.





The Debut of J Balvin Jordan 1:

This shoe was debuted on J Balvin’s feet during the super bowl halftime show.


Design Details and Specifications:

While you might think that J Balvin spent all his creative energy on the actual sneaker design himself you would be wrong because if you look at the box it is also very vibrant and colorful. The box comes in a standard black semi-gloss finish, however, instead of having a red logo on the top, you will have a crazy rainbow logo. On the sides of the box, there are more Nike logos, which look white at first but if you really look closely at them, they can also be called pink, which is interesting because the upper of the shoe comes in the rainbow color shown on the top of the box. And then the midsole and outsole of the shoe come in a very similar tone of pink, which has been used in the side Nike logos of the box. That is in perfect synchronization.

Inside the box, J Balvin added some more signature touches with his J Balvin logo and a yellow circle. You will also get a Jumpman logo, a lightning bolt, and a basketball for some reason, probably because this is a basketball sneaker.

Now let us dive into detail in the actual sneaker itself, you will notice some of the most interesting details on an Air Jordan One in a really long time. A majority of the upper of the shoe is made up of printed canvas, which is honestly one of the only materials they could have printed a design like this. This canvass being used on the shoe does give it a very unique and nice texture. Around the edges of the canvass on the mudguard, there is a very interesting serrated detail, which according to J Balvin is supposed to add to the cloud-like explosion that he has gone for. This specific detail makes the shoe different too. One of the most captivating and eye-catching details of the shoe is the printed pattern on the canvas upper. This rainbow gradient or energy explosion, as J Balvin likes to call it, fades from red in the center of the mid-foot towards yellow and then green and then blue towards the toe and heel of the sneaker. According to J Balvin, the reason that the red is in the center of the shoe is that is the source of the energy and that is where the cloud-like explosion starts. Continuing up on the shoe, you will notice some more jagged edges around the canvas overlays. And then towards the bottom of the tongue, you will get some black flat laces weaving through the eyelids. Besides, J Balvin and Jordan brand have made sure that you have so shortage of options inside the box because there are some extra laces in neon green, pink, and white colors. So let us get back on track again. Underneath the laces, there is a very light pink almost white nylon tongue. And it of course has jagged edges to it. and around the edges of the tongue, you will notice a bunch of exposed foam. And this tongue is definitely a bit thicker than a standard Air Jordan One tongue. At the top of the tongue, there is a gradient canvas with J Balvin’s logo on the left shoe and Jumpman on the right shoe. And actually, if you look at the back of the tongue on either shoe it is the opposite logo of what was shown on the front of the tag. The sock liner of the shoe comes in black satin-like material, which feels very nice to touch and also pretty nice against your foot. And then rounding off the inside of the shoe, the insole comes in bright neon green with J Balvin’s logo printed on the heel.  


As for Sizing and fit, the J Balvin Jordan 1 Stockx, does seem to fit like every other pair of Air Jordan 1. So sticking true to your size is the key to finding your precise size.


Concluding Thoughts:

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