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The Yeezy boost 700 stockx is a sneaker premeditated by Kanye West and Adidas. It was first exposed during the Yeezy Season 5 fashion show in February 2017 and was later officially released on August 12th, 2017 for $300 exclusively via the Yeezy Supply online store in an exceedingly restricted number. It would restock one year later in much larger quantities on September 15th, 2018. Since then, the Yeezy 700 has been released in a wide range of colorways, with no stop in sight.

 Yeezy boost 700 stockx

The History of Yeezy 700:

Ever since their starter in the Summer of 2017 the YEEZY 700 models have become a fan favorite. These sneakers were released as Kanye’s interpretation of the dad shoe trend. Some also say the Yeezy 700 is the Yeezy 350’s successor.

Pointless to say, all of these imitations wore off very rapidly after the sneaker was eventually released onto the world as a pre-order in August 2017, and after most people got their pairs in early November 2017. Nearly the whole sneaker community got directly stoked for the 700, especially when many celebrities were spotted with them.

Since 2017, the Yeezy 700 has evolved multiple times to conform to current trends and brings many volumes. So let us go through the timeline for a better understanding of this:

· V1 wave runner: this is the first and most iconic colorway of the chunky sneaker. It ushered in a new era for Yeezy, one that shunned gym-ready designs and fixated on noticeable and luxurious lifestyle silhouettes. To signal this switch in focus, Kanye added vibrant accents to the cool grey shoe — colors that stand out when placed within his strictly neutral portfolio of Adidas sneakers.

· V1 Mauve: it was released after eleven months. It is a new and enhanced take on the V1: it features additional padding and elastic on the side of the tongue to hold it in place. Furthermore, it comprised the typical Yeezy palette — named Mauve, the colorway is mostly saturated with a purple-brown and is accented with a hint of lime green.

· V1 Salt: The Salt colorway — which is kind of blue and kind of grey — fetched new life to the V1 model thanks to its monochromatic design. 

· V1 Inertia: Kanye took us to outer space with his second 700 release of 2019 – the V1 Inertia. By embellishing the silhouette with silvers, greys, and a little bit of orange, the rapper-cum-designer fashioned a retro-futuristic kick that is frequently hailed as one of the best V1s ever.

· V1 Teal Blue: Blue was the go-to hue for Yeezy during late 2019, and one of the most anticipated releases at the time was the Teal Blue V1 — a shoe so foolproof, even our grandads could pull it off.

· V1 Carbon Blue: The blue tones just kept coming as in December 2019, the Carbon Blue V2 was released.

· V2 Static: The Yeezy V2 boasts a spongy mesh upper, a striped sidewall, and numerous reflective constituents, which all come together to generate an aerodynamic aesthetic. As for the Static colorway, well, it is one of the best ever. 

· V2 Geode: Par for the course, the second colorway of the V2 came in an earthy tone.

· V2 Vanta: It is mostly said that easiness is the secret to perfection, which explains why the V2 Vanta — a blacked-out take on the shoe — is one of the most ubiquitous Yeezy sneakers to ever drop. 

· V2 Tephra: this colorway is not too light or too dark, meaning it can be styled with almost anything.

· V2 Inertia: just like the V1 colorway, the Inertia V2 is totally out of this world. The grey, silver, and orange palette gives the 3M-heavy silhouette a futuristic feel that is sure to harmonize with any contemporary wardrobe.

· V2 Hospital Blue: Things got clinical in autumn 2019 when Adidas x Yeezy released the Hospital Blue V2. The monochromatic sneaker is sleek, clean, streamlined, and most importantly, unfussy. 

· V3 Azeal: it is a completely different shoe from the other three models. It doesn’t feature mesh, leather, suede, or Boost; instead, it’s constructed with TPU, neoprene, EVA foam, and stretchy knitted material. Kanye and his team completely reinvented the idea of the Yeezy 700 with the release of the futuristic, foam-soled V3 that makes the other versions of the shoe look retro.

· V3 Alvah: Every Yeezy silhouette merits an all-black colorway, including the Yeezy 700 V3. The Yeezy 700 Alvah V3 transmutes the cutting-edge kick by taking it to the dark side; naturally, this proved to be just as popular as the OG colorway.  

· V3 Kyanite: Kanye and his team love to remix popular colorways to create something brand new — which is precisely what he did with the Kyanite V3. The spring 2021 colorway features a blue knit pattern similar to the Arzareth V3 and an off-white sidewall cage and midsole similar to the OG Azeal V3. And the result this, a must-have pair.


Design details and Specifications:

The inventive design comprises a plush layered upper, uber-thick Boost midsole, an Ortho Lite inner sole, and a thick pair of laces; essentially, it looks like a chunky 90s kick created with premium materials. 

Yeezy boost 700 features an upper composed of suede overlaps and exceptional leather with mesh underlays and reflective heel and Three Stripe specifics. The full-length drop-in boost midsole delivers ease and steadiness. The instantly recognizable Yeezy It shoes are super comfortable, semi-accessible, and available in a slew of novel colorways — just three reasons why all four versions of the shoe are so prevalent today. 


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