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Legendary Jordan Retro 5

History of the Jordan Retro 5:

Let us all turn our calendars back to 1990 and take a look at the history of Jordan Retro 5. The Air Jordan 5 was released in 1990. It was Michael Jordan’s fifth signature model and the third pair to be designed by Tinker Hatfield, who got his design inspiration from a world war two mustang fighter plane. The air Jordan 5 also brought us some firsts; it was the first basketball shoot to have 3m reflective material, the first pair to have a clear outsole and the first pair to have a molded ankle collar. it was in this season in this shoe that Michael Jordan brought the bulls to the French has his best record since joining the team finishing fifty-five and twenty-seven and draining ninety-two three pointers prior to the season he only had sixty-eight threes in all his seasons combined.

This Air Jordan model was originally dropped in four colorways and it was a hit. The first two to release for hundred and twenty-five dollars were the white black fire red and the black metallic followed shortly by the white grapes and fire red white red pairs. And now the first pair to release from the Jordan brand in the new millennium were the Air Jordan 5 fire red followed by the release of black metallic.

2006 was the time when prices started climbing up. It was a big year for the model, as ten pairs were released in this year in different colorways. Later on fashion industry saw a bunch of new colorways, which are now classic colorways like the green bean undefeated 5 and burgundy 5, they were not in the original colorways. In the same year black, university blue, the women’s sunset colorway, the stealth five and the women’s pink stealth was released. Nike Air kept things rolling in 2007 when they dropped three more pairs including laser pair and retro black metallic, if you have been diligently noticing this series you would know that no history of the Air Jordan Model could be completed without Nike jump man and this is where it started. The last one to release in the same year was another pair of women’s lows in a white metallic colorway. 2011 dropped some of the most sought-after inexpensive fives, the bins, Tokyo’s, wolf gray, key fifty-four and independence day fives.

In 2013 they dropped 12 more pairs and prices were up a little more. The volume of released slowed down in the following years, but Nike dropped some packs that kept collectors wanting more. With this we have reached the end of the history of fives.  

Inspiration behind Jordan Retro 5; How Tinker Hatfield designed the Legendry Sneakers


The Jordan Retro 5 was designed by master shoe designer, Mr. Tinker Hatfield in the year 1990. Hatfield had designed the two previous Air Jordan released; the Air Jordan three and the Air Jordan 4, both had tremendous success so, it was a real challenge for him to re-invent the status quo. Hatfield spent a lot of time in watching bull’s games, carefully observing Michael Jordan’s style of playing aggressive and relentless offense. He noticed that Michael would literally attack his opponents from all sides. His mindset would never waiver, he just kept surviving through fighting, as Michael Jordan is famous for deathly competitive. At some point Tinker Hatfield had made the connection between world war two fighter planes and Jordan’s mindset. It was the huge inspiration for the shoes. In fact, one of the most striking design details are the ‘jagged teeth’ on the midsole of the shoes. This was inspired by the piolets and the air force crews, who use to paint shark mouths on the nose of their planes. Originally this was done for practical reasons, like identifying friendly allies in the battle, but it eventually evolved into an expression of individuality. It was a type of escapism for the piolets, a way for them to be both memories of home and peace time life. All of this perfectly complemented Michael Jordan’s fearless mindset.

 Design Details:

All the Jordan Retro 5 pairs were released with the Nike Air on the Hill, and the only pair to release with a twenty-three stich on the side of the back heels with a fire red white pairs. Another cool feature of this five series was the translucent sole, it was the first Jordan shoes to feature a translucent sole, something that became staple for the Jordan brand down the years. Tinker Hatfield used 3M scotch lite material for the tongue, which when dark enough outside, the tongue reflects back to produce a bright, highly visible silver light. This type of material is often used on work wear to increase visibility for construction workers or even runners. The Air Jordan 5 were released in four original colorways; white and red, black and metallic, white and fire. One thing to know is that, out of the original four, the fire red colorway was the only one that included the number twenty-three on the shoes.

 Some Top Favorites Among Air Jordan Retro 5:

As the Air Jordan Retro 5 silhouette has been released in nearly fifty colorways so, it would be just insane to go through all of them one by one. So, let’s go over some of the top favorite ones, excluding the four original colorways:

 1. The Laney Colorway: These were dropped in 2000, and are inspired by the colors of Michael Jordan’s high school.

2. The Doernbechers: This one dropped in 2013 as a part of Nike’s annual tradition to raise money for the doernbechers children hospital in Portland, Oregon. The shoe was designed by a child patient from the hospital named Issac. Kits main feature is the pen Issac wrote that was printed all over the upper of the shoe. It is beautiful back story and it also glows in the dark.

3. Raging Bull Colorway: This nearly all red colorway is inspired by Mulitas; the red cloth you see bull fighters waving in the air to irritate the bulls.

4. The Supreme Jordan 5 in Dessert Camo: This was Supremes’ first collaboration with the Jordan brand. It has all kind of cool details, like the ninety-four in place of the twenty-three on the heel counter and the Supreme Logo written inside the mesh panels.

5. The Off White Jordan 5: these are just fire. The shoes feature of all Virgil Abloh’s go to like the zip tie and the off white text branding. And the coolest thing about these are the circular windows are the mid panel and the ankle collar that you can either leave as it is or pop out.


All this colorway series has gained a lot of attention and hype among sneaker enthusiast from every country of the world. This range is the most stylish and unique one. So, if you are looking for a high-quality Air Jordan Retro 5 sneakers within reasonable prices, here you can find some of the top call and most coveted designs out of this five series. ‘stockxpro’ is the apt place for you to get your hands on the best sneakers, because buying high-quality footwear had never been easier. ‘stockxpro’ provides multitude weekly promotions as well on which different discounts are available. We hope that the abovementioned information is helpful for you in choosing the perfect shoes that will match your desire. Happy shopping dear customers!   


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