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Jordan 4 Off White – Made with Perfection

Design of Jordan 4 Off White:

Jordan 4 Off white is an Artist version of the air Jordan 4, different and interesting style than any other of the air Jordan 4. Still, there are some elements and fractions of these shoes which remind you of air Jordan one with the toe box section of the shoes and the backing underneath the swoosh. It is also pretty much the primary on the air Jordan’s 5. The netting on the sides is composed of beautifully intricate design. Whereas the logo of air Jordan is displayed on the tongue of the shoes. 

For the main part of the upper shoe, stylists have gone with a really premium and top quality leather material with raw edges on the leather, which is definitely very nice and gives a pleasingly cool look to notice, this gives it kind of more of an unfinished sort of look, but obviously, Virgil Ablo likes to go with that unfinished look. Similar to the Air Jordan ones and fives, the air Jordan off white 4 do have that raw edges around the collar and also ankle collar is double layered. One of the more things about these off white Jordan 4 more specifically is the entire color blocking in the show. It looks like these are going to be all off white off white shoes but, in reality, it is more of like cream color and a bunch of different colors of a yellowish cream color and vanilla cream color. 

In the midsole part, there is white and cream color around the air Jordan logo and milky cream for outsole part. The outsole is like a gum sole which will give a cushion in walking. These along with many other different variations makes these shoes a unique pair of footwear and a perfect depiction of off white color. Additionally, these shoes have the hang tag for the Air Jordan 4 along with the traditional zip tie. And then there are three actual layers of the material that bunch together around the collar of the shoe. 

The TPU (global thermoplastic polyurethane) for the wings are done in kind of clear plastic for the sake of providing elasticity. On the back side of the heel, there is Nike Air branding with the heel in that kind of a milky color as well. Then there is a Beaverton organ underneath the mesh and a gain air logo in the mid of the sole. Moving from the outsole right here on the midsole, there is standard Air in quotations right there above the air unit in the heel, and then on the opposite side of the foot inside the netting there is traditional off-white branding and it is actually behind the netting. 

Another interesting thing is the clear heel tab with the Nike air written on it and it looks so much better there. Whereas inside the tongue there is a traditional Air Jordan tab upside down just like it is on every Air Jordan. The highlight of this sneaker is the outsole; the outsole is semi-translucent with a cream-colored heel. Overall, all these features make this a tremendous-looking shoe and this colorway is amazing.


Usage of Jordan 4 Off White:  

The Jordan 4 Off White comes with three different colors of laces; cream and black color, and tiffany blue color, which matches with the tiffany blue colored Nike logo on the shoe sole, so that customers may have different choices of laces to use. Another interesting thing to notice is that on the toe box and then the paneling that wraps all the way around is extremely soft and pure leather, which gives these shoes a very premium feel. Owing to the soft materials used, this footwear is convenient to use on daily basis. In particular, one other interesting aspect of this sneaker is the mud guard, now the mudguard material is like a mesh, and it goes right along with the mudguard a stronger and reinforced version as compared to previous ones.

Extended Sizing of Jordan 4 Off White:

Even though Jordan 4 Off White is a women’s exclusive colorway, its extended size will accommodate men sizing as well. It is 1.5 different for men’s shoes and women, so women’s size 11 is the men’s 9.5 and it is the shoes that obviously men are able to purchase it as well. In case, these off white colored shoes get stained, it is easy to clean them merely with the help of a brush or an eraser.


The collaboration of world-renowned designer Virgil Aboh with Nike has resulted in the form of this marvelous and elegant pair of shoes. He has given his idiosyncratic touch to this iconic silhouette of the Air Jordan 4. Grainy leather mesh in a grid covers the shoe’s upper portion, with clear textile adding a subtle layer of modest and elegant modernity.   As People of all age group wants elegant fashion along with comfort, hence we cannot overlook the importance of any one of these, and for that matter, these sneakers are absolutely an ideal option to go for. The best thing is that these pair of off white sneakers would go well with every sort of outfit. This is the ideal place for you to buy Jordan 4 Off White at a very affordable price. Along with that, we give you numerous discounted promotions to avail, so do not let go of this golden opportunity. We also extend our diligent efforts to provide its customer with high-quality selling shoes. We have vowed to give our customers high-quality and high-end sneakers and this elegant pair is no exception.

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