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Is StockxPro legit or a scam ?

The answer must be yes

Next I show multiple proofs that stockxpro is legit and you can buy the best reps shoes on stockxpro.

About StockxPro FQA ←(Clicking )


1. have two years of business experience, and in 2020 to the international market

2.     Review from customers

        After receiving the shoes, many customers will give us feedback, or post reviews by themselves in our discord. They think stockxpro' replica shoes are the best they have ever bought, and the service is also the best.

        2.1 You can join our discord and communicate with customers who have bought shoes from us.

        2.2 Review from WhatsApp(Click for more)

3.    Provide Quality Control Pictures ( QC Pictures)

       When we receive your payment from the order date, you choose ( I need QC ): Customer service will send you a shoe QC picture via WhatsApp or Gmail within 2-5 business days to confirm.
You choose ( No need for QC ), the shoes will be sent within 2-3 business days.

4.     Provide Shipment Pictures And Tracking Number

        Shoes confirmed QC will be sent out the same night, after sending need to wait 3-6 working days customer service to get   the tracking number.

5.     Perfect Refund And Refund Policy

        5.1 Quality issues:If you find that the sneakers have quality issues after receiving them, please take a picture and send the picture to our customer service. We will evaluate and make corresponding compensation.
 5.2 Transport issues:If the shoes are damaged during transportation, please take a picture and send the picture to our customer service, we will evaluate and make corresponding compensation.
 5.3 We do not accept the return of any items used, damaged, engraved or altered by a third party.

6.     Our service is very comprehensive, the following are our various website platforms

 6.1 TikTok:stockxprovip(Click to view)

6.2 Youtube:Stockxpro(Click to view)


       6.3 Reddit:u/StockxProservice(Click to view)

      6.4 Instagram:stockxpro.usa(Click to view)

7.    There are also full-time customer service personnel in the background, and WhatsApp is preferred

3.1   whatsapp: +86 13779971092

3.2   Email:

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