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Frequently Asked Shipping Questions

stockxpro shipping questions

The following questions are some of the things that often happen when packages are in transit. If you have other problems, you can also reflect to customer service. No matter what the problem is, we will help you solve it and give you a satisfactory answer, but need to give us enough time and trust and mutual understanding.👋👋

How long is shipping?

stockxpro shipping questions❓

How do I know if my shoes have been mailed and where have they been shipped?

Usually within 2 working days after you confirming the QC pictures, we will mail out the shoes. 

When the logistics company sends us the tracking number, the customer service will send you the tracking numberdelivery picture and tracking website.

How long is the shipping time

Usually after you confirm QC, it will take 7-15 working days to arrive.

Delivery time in the Europe is: 10-15 working days.

Delivery time in the USA is: 5-8 working days.

But sometimes due to weather, holidays and other reasons, the shipping time may be delayed. Hope you can understand.
Why is the logistics information not updated?

The tracking page is not in real-time synchronization status. You need to wait for the package flight to arrive at the destination country or the transshipment country to start updating the information. The trajectory from the origin to the transshipment location will not be displayed.  So usually the page will start to update information a few days before or after the end of the second week, which is normal.

Europe will usually update the logistics information only in 10 days, the United States is expected to update the logistics information in 3-4 days.

How to judge that there may be a problem with your package:

1.Tracking information is not updated:

 If the package has not been updated for more than 14 working days, you can leave a message to the customer service, and the customer service will verify the package status with the logistics company.

2. Abnormal transport status:

The package shows that it has been returned or the delivery failed. This situation is usually caused by the customer’s address not being delivered normally or the recipient is not at the destination. You need to contact the customer service as soon as possible. The customer service will notify the logistics to make an inquiry and give you a solution.

3. Request additional documents or information:

The package needs to be assisted in customs clearance after receiving the notification. Please note that this situation occurs after the package is randomly checked by the customs of the destination country. You only need to contact the local post office and tell them your logistics number and need to assist in customs clearance. According to The documents provided by the post office and the instructions to complete and submit the documents, and then pay the customs duties, you can successfully pick up the package.

4. Delayed delivery:

The package shows that it has been signed for but the package has not been received. Please check the front door or apartment mailboxes and other post office mailboxes commonly used for delivery, or ask your family and neighbors if they have signed for the package. 

If you still have not received the package after checking, first call the local post office , to ask about the package status, if you still haven’t received the package, please file a package loss complaint directly to the post office, and then you will get a complaint number, please feedback the complaint number to the customer service, the customer service will contact the logistics to intervene, and start the investigation process, and then provide You reship or refund.

Customer Service Contact Infomation:

📞📞Whatsapp: +86 13779971092 


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