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Classic Air Jordan 4 Black Cat

A Brief History of the Popular Most Classic Air Jordan 4 Black Cat Black jordans:

The Classic Air Jordan 4 Black Black jordans is named after one of Michael Jordan’s most popular nickname ‘Black Cat’. This pair of shoes was an instant when it was first released in 2006. These sneakers are a remarkable icon of basketball and pop culture history. The Air Jordan 4 has a very long history of colorways, and one of the most remarkable out of them is this Black Cat pair; all black like a true champion standing out there.

 Official colorway of Air Jordan 4 Black Cat:

This series of pair is widely regarded as the Best Air Jordan 4 colorway owing to its monochromatic tone. The official colorway for this shoes is black and light graphite.

 A detailed look at Air Jordan 4 Black Cat:

Before we go into the details about the shoes let us have a quick look at the box. The box is just like traditional Air Jordan 4 box but, they have completely blocked it up with black color. So, the jump man flight on the top is done in the shiny black finish and then we have black on black paint splattering on the bottom. As for the shoes this is just a superb classic Air Jordan 4 Black Cat silhouette. It is done in this very simple yet elegant all black construction. The upper of the shoes is constructed using the synthetic black nubuck leather, which feels pretty decent in feet and hands as well. The shape of the toe box is also very nice, it does not have that boxy look to it that a lot of older sneaker versions had; instead it has a very sleek and very streamlined look to it. On both sides of the shoes we have these lace tabs or lace crowns, which are done in a stylish black shimmery finish. 

And then in between this on the mid foot of both sides, there is traditional netting on the Jordan 4 and this is also done in black. Further moving down there is this triangular wing also constructed out of nubuck leather. And as we take a detailed look at the very back of the shoes, here instead of a plastic heel cup, this is also done in nubuck leather and it is accented with glossy German logo in the center. Another thing to notice is about black cat is that on the interior side of the black tab is empty unlike other versions of Air Jordan 4. Moving on to the laces, these sneakers comes with standard flat black laces, and then underneath this we have the tongue, which is covered in the same black netting that was found on the mid panels. The very top of the tongue is actually much more padded than any other Air Jordan 4. 

The tongue is accented with the tag, which has a jump man flight branding done in light graphite. On the interior side of the tongue we have Air Jordan branding done in light graphite in upside done fashion. The interior of this Air Jordan 4 Black Cat is completely lined in black textile. And as we pull up the insoles, these come with a traditional black colored insole with light graphite colored jump man accented on the heel. So the upper of this black hat four sits atop full-length polyurethane midsole, this is painted in glossy black finish. Underneath the heel, there is cutaway which exposes the Nike air unit beneath the heel. Now flipping the shoes over to the bottom, here there is standard Air Jordan 4 outsole and this is entirely done in black colored rubber. Afterwards there is typical herringbone traction pattern that is found on all Jordan forests and it is finished off with white colored jump man right in the center.


Overall if you have narrow or narrow width feet, sticking true to your size is absolutely the way to go. But if you do have really wide feet you might consider going up half a size and you will be good to go.

 Styling the Air Jordan 4 Black Cat:

Air Jordan 4 Black Cat really span throughout the fashion and with every type of style you want to wear; just like a really high-end designer fashion or street wear regular shows that can be wear on day to day basis. These are very wearable and you do not need to worry too much about getting dirty and also spending a ton of time deciding what to wear with these shoes.



The above mentioned sneakers quickly became one of the most popular Air Jordan ever to be made, and it is not hard to see why. The sneakers come in a single shade of black and the upper portion of these are entirely made of soft nubuck leather, with shiny small details on eyelets, midsoles, tongues and mid foot cages. These combinations draw down to the fact that these sneakers are neither too stylish, nor too simple. Air Jordan 4 Black Cat is a very impressive, elegant yet plain and simple model of sneakers history. It has been equally popular among adults as well as kids. Despite of its popularity all across the world this pair of shoes have not gone up much in price. And ‘stockxpro’ offers you to buy this simplistic pair at a very affordable and discounted price. Along with that ‘stockxpro’ offers a wide range of weekly and monthly offers, so what are you waiting for, rush to dig in to more and more varies of top quality sneakers, shoes and foot wears.

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