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All You Need to Know about Black and White Air Jordan 1

History of Air Jordan 1:

Sneakers were around long before 1985. But it would not be an exaggeration to say that, sneakers culture as we know it, now began mainly due to the arrival of Michael Jordan’s first signature sneakers, the Air Jordan 1, in the mid-1980s. It is an American brand mainly of athletic shoes produced by Nike created for former basketball player Michael Jordan during his tenure with Chicago Bulls Originally Air Jordan shoes were released in 1985 when Jordan signed a five-year agreement worth 2.5 million dollars with Nike. What started as basketball sneakers quickly converted into pop culture, then into fashion, and years later, into high fashion. There has never been a more influential brand when it comes to footwear – it is essentially historical and undeniable fact.

Design Details:

After having a closer look at this iconic design, you will notice that it is very nice, tidy and basic design which appeals to the eyes. To be more precise, these shoes have Nike Air logo on the textile tongue and sole of the shoe, which did not exist before. They come with a pair of black and white lace in case one wants to switch the laces because in this black laces can be an obvious choice for most of the people. Air Jordan 1 black white shoe is all black from the bottom with a Nike logo right in the middle. The midsole is mainly white and black. The entire upper part of the shoe is made out of leather; like a tumble soft leather. On the mudguard, on the eyelets the wing of the shoe and on the heal you have got the black leather. Side by side there is some white leather on the perforations on the toe box as long as collar of the shoe and the side panels of the shoe. Along with this black and white spread, there is no logo on the back side of the heels. Inside of the shoe there is Nike Air logo on the heel. The upper features the premium flat leather with the fluffy interior padding. To sum it up, these white and black sneakers are of highly top quality, which formerly originated from Michael Jordan’s premier signature shoes, originally launched back in 1985.



Overall Black and White Air Jordan 1 is manufactured from high quality super soft leather, unlike other cheap quality leather shoes, making them easy and super comfortable to wear these on daily basis.  These shoes are wearable for longer durations, anytime and with all types of clothing. As we all know that creasing is an unavoidable part of wearing shoes. No matter how much you try to avoid it by walking carefully, eventually the toe box is going to show some signs of age. The good news is Black and White Air Jordan 1 are one of the sneakers that do not immediately get creased up. These are not just some ordinary sneakers. The Jordan 1, are the pioneer, the trend setter, and the shoes which sparked sneakers culture as it is today. These are the main shoes that created some sort of frenzy.


How to style Black and White Air Jordan 1:

When it comes to everyday basis, these sneakers are undisputed champion, they can take any outfit from lowkey to chic, that fulfils tastes of both genders, if styled in a proper way. We offer extended girls’ sizing to accommodate women of all ages who are very peculiar in their tastes and desire to buy these sneakers.

Listed below are some elegant ways to style these elegant sneakers for both men and women:

· Oversized pants are in vogue these days and these classic sneakers are a perfect way to complete the look in a dashing manner.

· Mini-dress and these sneakers can be an easy everyday option depicting street style fashion.

· If the overall look is vibrant and full of colours, then these monochromatic sneakers are going to be the hero of the ensemble.

· Another trend we are seeing time and again is pairing of these sneakers with bike shorts.

· These shoes can be paired with sweatpants and baggy pants. A go-too combination for wintertime errand-runs.   


In today’s twenty first century, where up to date fashion has taken over the world, these sneakers are irresistible to buy for people across all age groups and all the countries of the world. If you are looking for a high-quality Black and White Air Jordan 1 sneakers within reasonable prices, ‘stockxpro’ is the apt place for you to get your hands on the best sneakers, because buying high-quality footwear had never been easier. Additionally, the super soft leather would make it comfortable and convenient to use these sneakers on daily basis. ‘stockxpro’ extends diligent efforts to provide its customer with high quality selling shoes. These are decidedly stylish black and white sneakers. Maybe you would not wear them with a suit but the classic silhouette and eye-catching design have made them an iconic treat in the fashion world. When their spectacular silhouette is kicked up a further notch with the right monochromatic expression, your heads will explode with awe. We also try our level best to ensure excellent quality and service delivery. So you would not like to miss this chance to grab your favorite Black and White Air Jordan 1 sneakers. ‘stockxpro provides multitude weekly promotions as well on which different discounts are available. We hope that the abovementioned information is helpful for you in choosing the perfect shoes that will match your desire. This website is a good to go option for buying this top-notch shoes.

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