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Air Jordan 13

History of Air Jordan 13:

It is Halloween in 1997, and the Chicago bulls will face the Boston Celtics in the NBA’s season opener. Michael Jordan breaks out a pair of never before seen signature shoes. It is a white pair of kicks with a black midsole, toe box, black tongue and some red accents. Unfortunately for the bulls, they lost to the Celtics, but Michael Jordan flexed in his new signature sneakers that night, with a remarkable stat line of thirty points, six rebounds and four assists. A month prior, the sneakers was unveiled before the press during an Air Jordan conference, that not only debuted the new Jordan sneaker, but also the launch of Jordan brand as its own business entity. After signing an endorsement deal with Nike in 1984, and well, becoming the greatest basketball player of all the time, Michael Jordan had the most revealed line of signature footwear in the world. Michael Jordan’s own brand was projected to yield more than 225 million dollars’ sales in the first year alone. Out of retirement, Michael Jordan won back to back championships in 1996 and 1997, and he was hungry for that second three-peat of his career. The other team knew this and defended him harder than ever before. Michael Jordan took beatings every night, preserving his speed and physicality was crucial, if he wanted to win another championship. For much of the 1997 and 1998 season, Michael Jordan would rock the Air Jordan 13.

Design of Air Jordan 13:

The Air Jordan 13 once again, fell in to the hands of the GOAT sneaker designer, we all know and love, Mr. Tinker Hatfield. While watching the Chicago Bulls on TV, Tinker Hatfield saw Michael Jordan through a different lens. On the court, the chiseled six foot six shooting guard was smart and fast. He was powerful and instinctive. He could conserve his energy like no other on the basketball court, and at the right time and right moment, he would attack his prey like a panther, a black cat. Tinker Hatfield wasted no time getting to work on a design sketch for the sneaker.

The first sketch of the Air Jordan 13 is dated on September 11, 1995. And it only included two small drawings of the sneaker, as most of the space on the page is taken up by Tinker Hatfield’s notes. The notes are actually pretty interesting and unique including; simple pattern, designed to fit, engineered to perform and designed for basketball elegance. Once he developed the black cat, or panther concept. Tinker Hatfield employed it throughout the entire structure of the design, while taking in to account the point at which Michael Jordan was in his career and the elements he needed in a shoe to reinforce his reign. If you look at the original sketches of the outsole of the Jordan 13, you will see that it is directly inspired by the pawns of a panther. A feature that would carry over in to the official release. One feature that did not was the addition of a strap. Tinker Hatfield added the strap for more stability, but Michael Jordan felt like it did not need to be there and they decided against it. The sneaker featured a zoom air unit at the fore foot and the heel, making it super comfortable on and off the court. The upper features some synthetic suede tight before running in to a huge piece of reflective mesh, that pays tribute to flecks of color in the fur of a black panther. By far the most iconic feature on this shoe is the holographic cat eye bubble, that you see near the heel area. The green holographic cat eye is iconic for two main reasons; one of them is that it is the sign of the times.

 An Interesting Fact about Air Jordan 13:

Another fun fact about the Air Jordan 13 is that it was the first ever Michael Jordan designed on a computer. The first sneaker ever designed on a computer in the industry, actually.

Air Jordan 13 in a Movie:

The Air Jordan 13 was used in the Spike Lee movie, ‘He Got Game’, which featured young Ray Allen and Denzel Washington. Everyone knows that Spike Lee has a longstanding relationship with the Air Jordan, so the product placement in the film was natural and perfectly executed. The film came out months after the official release of the Air Jordan 13, but it still added to the excitement for the new Air Jordan sneaker.

 Some top favorite colorways in Air Jordan 13:

From 1997 to 1998, Jordan brand released a total of seven colorways. The black toes, also referred to as ‘he got games’ because of the film, the Chicago 13s, the flints, the playoff 13s which feature a mostly black upper with red accents these make the cat eye pop out even more. The Bred 13s and finally two Jordan lows; one in navy/metallic colorway, and other, the Jordan 13 chutney low were absolutely fire. Now there are tons of non-OG Jordan 13 colorways that are worth mentioning, but going through every single one here is virtually impossible as it would seemingly take forever. But still here are some honorable mention of Jordan 13s.The altitude 13s, which feature a slime green outsole. The Quai 54s lows. The premium bin 23 Jordan 13s, which gave the Jordan 13s a luxurious feel. And off course, the black cat 13s. Here we cannot leave out the inevitable Ray Allen PE 13s; he was one of the first athletes officially endorsed by the Jordan Brand and he was also featured in the ‘he got game’ film after all, so it made sense for them to give him a PE.



This pair of sneakers is one of the rare jewels which are an immortal treasure. It was a product of years of yearning, of subliminal attraction and of inspiration itself. And when Tinker Hatfield was able to compile all of his creative brainstorming, he product would be as unique as it was effective as they say that great minds make great shoes. Michael Jordan wore the black colorways on the road and white ones while playing at home. ‘stockxpro’ extends diligent efforts to provide its customer with high quality selling shoes. And ‘stockxpro’ is the ideal place for you to buy Air Jordan 13 at a very affordable price. Along with that, ‘stockxpro’ gives you numerous discounted promotions to avail, so do not let go of this golden opportunity. Team ‘stockxpro’ have vowed to give our customers high quality and high end sneakers

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