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Air Jordan 11

History of Air Jordan 11:

Most of the Michael Jordan’s iconic moments are tied to a specific silhouette or colorway. The sneaker in question here is the famous Air Jordan 11. By the end of 1993, Michael Jordan had already cemented himself as GOAT, the greatest player of all time. After winning his third consecutive championship, he had established himself as one of the greatest players in basketball history and a global icon at that. Then, right in the middle of his prime, he declared that he was walking away from the game he loved. A decision he made after the untimely death of his father James Jordan. In 1994, Jordan signed a minor league baseball contract with the white Sox. A move that shocked and stunned the sports world. Equally perplexing was what to do with his signature basketball shoe line. In fact, Nike had plans to discontinue his signature line after the Air Jordan X. However, everyone else at Nike assumed the line was over, Tinker Hatfield was hopeful that Michael Jordan would return to the court and decided to start working on the design for the Air Jordan 11 in secret.

Tinker Hatfield and Air Jordan 11:  

Tinker is the man behind all the important Jordan silhouettes after the Jordan two. He is one of the greatest sneaker designers in the world. Amid all this abovementioned fiasco Tinker Hatfield was hopeful that Michael Jordan would return to the court and decided to start working on the design for the Air Jordan 11 in secret. In his words ‘Air Jordan 11 is my favorite shoes, because this is a super high-performance shoe. There is so much technology in this shoe.’ Let’s go over some of the technology that Tinker Hatfield is referring to.

 Design Specifications of Air Jordan 11:

The most notable and, and to be honest, the classiest detail of the sneaker is the patent leather. While studying Michael Jordan’s playing, Tinker noticed that when Michael would change directions during an intense moment in the game, his foot would roll over the sole of his shoes. To counter that, Tinker used patent leather which helped prevent this from happening. These were also came equipped with a carbon five shank, that dramatically made the shoes lighter than previous Air Jordan models. The mesh on these sneakers is called Cordura Nylon, also known as ballistic mesh. This aided in making the sneaker light, as well, but it is a tough material that Tinker used to withstand Michael Jordan’s high level of playing.

Debut of Air Jordan 11:

Michael Jordan debuted the Air Jordan 11 in a legendary concord colorway during game one of the Eastern Conference semi-finals between the Chicago Bulls and Orlando Magic. According to Tinker Hatfield, Nike wanted to release the shoes, but Michael did not care, he loved the Air Jordan 11 series so much that he could not wait to wear them on the court. This came at a price though. Due to the shoes black and white color blocking, and lack of Chicago bulls red color, Jordan was fined five thousand dollars for wearing the sneakers. This only lasted for the first two games of the finals. For game three, Michael Jordan hilariously borrowed a pair of Air flight ones from Penny Hardaway. By the time game four rolled around, Nike made Jordan an 11 with the black upper to avoid fines. The colorway in question is what we know today as the Space jam 11, named after the movie, because he wore them throughout the entire film.

Few Initial Releases of Air Jordan 11:

You can also thank the classy patent leather for the cheesy trend of pimping out your groomsmen in Jordan 11s for wedding. Seriously though, it goes good with a suit. Jordan brand even released a new colorway called the ‘cap and gown’, which recognizes the Jordan 11s unique place at graduation ceremonies.  The Jordan 11 first release to the public in November 1995 was in the concord colorway. The black and red colorway, also commonly referred to as the BRED colorway, and the white and Columbia blue pair released the following year in 1996. The initial release of the sneakers was so successful that Nike decided to drop low top versions of the shoes, which resulted in Tinker Hatfield doing a summer, more laid back version of the 11, Air Jordan 11 IE. Now this shoes have a reputation for being one of the sneakers that you either love or hate.

The OG 11s were re-released in 2000, and in 2001 the classic cool colorway was released. This was a huge year for Jordan 11 with the space jam finally getting a proper release. The space jams were a highly anticipated release. After the release of Space Jam, Nike set the tone for the future of their retro program for Jordan. In fact, Jordan brand either releases a retro or a new Jordan 11 colorway annually. Since 2006, every year, usually around the holidays, a Jordan 11 ends up on Santa’s list. In 2012, the public was so fervent about the Jordan 11 concord retro, that they actually caused a mall stampede across several cities in the country, it made to news headlines as well. The silhouette has been re-released dozens of times throughout the years. Not only it is being constantly re-furbished, but Jordan brand continues to use the Jordan 11 as a canvas for new colorways and to experiment with new materials.


This classic and legendary Jordan 11 series has lent Michael Jordan’s return a touch of class. Its soft patent leather speaks volume about the aerodynamics while giving a subtle hint of minimalistic elegance and simplicity. This series became an instant hit and constant favorite amid basketball players and general populace across the globe. It also made a blockbuster appearance in a full of entertainment animated series, Space Jam. And ‘stockxpro’ is the ideal place for you to buy Air Jordan 11 at a very affordable price. Along with that, ‘stockxpro’ gives you numerous discounted promotions to avail, so do not let go of this golden opportunity. ‘stockxpro’ extends diligent efforts to provide its customer with high quality selling shoes. We have vowed to give our customers high quality and high end sneakers and these elegant pairs are no exception.  


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